Profile: Chloe Lasseron

Home has proved a moveable feast for chef and culinary director Chloe Lasseron. Born in France before leaving for California at the age of 5; subsequent moves to New York and Berlin have since been followed by a return to her homeland with a job in Paris heading up R&D and innovation for a French chain of coffee shops.

Originally training as a pastry chef, the pressure of working in Michelin starred restaurants resulted in a gradual change of lifestyle; the exhilarating but intense work culture overshadowed by a newfound focus on outdoor pursuits.

With the move from New York prompted by an opportunity to work in Berlin as a recipe developer, Chloe initially explored her new home by bike before starting to lead groups of riders out of the bike shop Standert for Braver Than The Elements.

Now adding Rapha Ambassador to her already established professional roles, Chloe is ideally placed to suggest her preferred recipes for ride foods. Tempering eating well with the importance of enjoying the food she consumes, Chloe happily admits to still using a fair amount of butter but balances this with a diet heavy on vegetables and a focus on seasonality. Quinoa or rice with fish or chicken baked in the oven; everything super simple. An approach to nutrition that is echoed in her new position where she’s responsible for modernising the company’s menu in light of current food trends.

With an Instagram bio that states she’s a ‘reformed’ punk rocker – Chloe eventually tiring of the demanding daily routine imposed by maintaining a mohawk – she is now happily settled in Paris with weekends spent exploring routes out from the city centre into the surrounding countryside. Journeys that are perhaps smaller in scale compared to recent relocations but nevertheless equally as enjoyable.

Images with kind permission of Mark Hagan

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